Compostable film



As a monofilm, sealing onto itself and resistant to high temperatures for the packaging of frozen foodstaffs 

Laminated to other compostable materials, such as regenerated cellulose, PLA or paper

For the packaging of fresh products, fruit and vegetables, snacks

No negative impact on the speed or productivity of the packaging lines


Main properties: 


Very soft to the touch and GMO free


Sealing onto itself (monofilm) or PLA (laminated)

Hight temperature resistant

Recyclability Combioflex


Bioplastic films have the same consistency, resistance and transparency as plastics derived from petroleum, however vegetable, from renewable sources.
Combioflex is also fully compostable according to the European EN13432 standard (ASTM D6400 for Usa) and DIN-CERTCO certified. This type of plastic, thanks to microorganisms, reaches up to 90% decomposition within 3 months and releases only a minimum quantity of toxic gases. Furthermore, “Ok Compost” certification by TÜV Austria guarantees the ability of compostable bioplastic packaging to fragment into invisible particles in the final industrial compost. 
ITP compostable films are suitable for food contact according to European Regulation EU10 / 2011.

Available in white or transparent version


Ok Compost

Ok Compost

Dewey Hall

ISO 9001/14001/45001

Perry Larson


Lorenzo Pope


Caleb Phillips

BRC Food

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